How to Keep and Manage the Device after Use

1) After use, keep the device away from direct sunlight and put it in the case at a room temperature.
2) If foreign substances are on the device, remove them with a soft cloth or tissue.
3) Check if the specimen or liquid has entered the interior of the device, and if the interior has been contaminated, dry the device in a cool place with no direct sunlight for at least one day. Do not attempt to wash the device with water or pour water inside to clean it.
4) Be careful not to get the test stick inlet of the device covered with dust in a dusty place.
5) Do not leave the device in a humid place such as a bathroom for a long time.
6) Make sure to check if the app has been normally ended after use.
7) The app does not require a specific cleaning method after use.
8) You can manage your account and profile, check the registration of the serial number (Lot) of the test stick, and manage settings such as push notifications from the 'Settings' menu on the right side of the home screen of the app.