Precautions for Use

1. Surearly SMART should be used only for in vitro diagnosis (for personal use), and installation of the app is mandatory in order to get the accurate measurement results. (Check the app installation specifications)
2. It is highly recommended to read the user manual enclosed with the packaging box you have purchased before use.
3. If a clinical diagnosis is made using Surearly SMART, the result must be comprehensively examined by a specialist based on other test methods and clinical symptoms.
4. Surearly SMART provides the analysis result through the device and mobile app. If the user interprets the color level of the stick with the naked eye, it may lead to the erroneous analysis result.
5. Only the test sticks that meet the specifications of Surearly SMART should be used.
6. Be careful to check if the purpose of use of the test stick matches the type of test of the mobile app. If you choose a different type of test on the mobile app that does not match the purpose of use of the test stick, it may lead to the erroneous analysis result.
7. Do not drop the device on the floor or inflict an impact to the device. It may cause malfunction or failure.
8. Do not disassemble, modify, or repair the device without permission.
9. Do not leave the device in a humid place such as a bathroom for a long time.
10. If foreign substances are on the device, remove them with a soft cloth or tissue. However, if the interior of the device is contaminated, do not attempt to wash the device with water or pour water inside to clean it.
11. When you discard the used batteries, do not discard them with household waste but discard them in designated places.
12. Make sure to keep the device covered with its cap after completing the test so that foreign substances such as specimen, liquid, or dust do not enter the interior of the device.
13. When taking a test, if you turn the device backwards or upside down after dribbling the urine, the test result may not be accurate. Keep the device horizontal with its display (result window) facing up.
14. Make sure that the test stick is completely inserted into the device before use.
15. If you purchased the new stick, please make sure to register its serial number (Lot) according to the instructions provided by the mobile app.
If you have any questions or need assistance via phone, please contact the Customer Center at +82-70-8889-5505.